Learning the great game of golf at any age is fun, exciting, and challenging. Golf is a sport that can create confidence, enhanced motor learning development, and most importantly friendships. Juniors who learn at a young age are exposed to many lifelong lessons. Perseverance, leadership, honesty, teamwork, and drive can carry over into success off the golf course. Golf is a gateway to lifelong learning and exploration of one's self.

Shawna Elliott is the creator and lead instructor for the junior golf programs at Rhodes Ranch. Each class is specifically designed to maximize your child’s learning potential. Each program focuses on developing golf skills, enhancing motor learning skills, and athletic development drills. Coach Shawna and her staff have created a specialized roadmap and system to improvement, advancement, and success on and off the golf course. The coaching programs follow a progressive and specific path to guiding your child's development and love for the game of golf!

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Program Overview

The goal of the team setting is to instill and inspire each student to work hard, have fun, and ultimately uncover their potential. The teams will be limited in class size to ensure safety, effective learning environment, and also, to create a systematic approach to working towards specific milestones. 

The program is designed to not only allow your child the opportunity to learn how to swing, but also play the game of golf. During each practice, we will learn the proper etiquette, rules, and strategies to manage the golf course. There will also be an emphasis on developing interpersonal skills such as perseverance, work ethic, respect, and teamwork. 

To ensure a safe and effective learning environment, parents are required to depart the learning station once class has started. I will be aviable after class to answer any questions or concerns you might have. This policy will be strictly enforced starting on February 3rd, 2017. The coaches and student's focus is imperative and will be the center point of our program and Rhodes Ranch Golf Club. 

Why Coaching VS Private Lessons?

The philosophy is based on the student becoming more independent after each session as they learn the 4 key areas of the game. They are leaning the mindset and mental focus for golf, how to score and manage the course, how to analyze their play and create a purposeful practice routine that promotes long term development, and skill-development which focuses on the skill sets needed to accomplish their goals in golf.

In coaching, your junior is an individual in a Team environment. Each of our juniors is taught the skills and techniques based on his or her strength & mobility, their learning style, and their desired outcome. The team environment is so productive for several key reasons;

1. It creates the right environment to learn the life skills and core values we teach

2. It allows your juniors to build friendships in an individual sport

3. It allows coaches to create competition and challenges that motivate the players

4. It enables your child to take leadership or mentoring roles to develop interpersonal skills

5. Its increases the hours your child can spend with their coach while not increasing the expense

6. Its reduces the chances of over-teaching & technical overload as the child to applies what they are learning by experimentation, allowing them to learn and ask questions rather than just being told what do to do.

 What is On-Course Coaching?

The game is played on the course so once our juniors have developed solid skill-sets, we need to get more time on the course to simulate golfing conditions (side hill lies, bunkers, hitting over water, etc). Learning in the real environment enables them to gain confidence that they then can take to their play and tournaments. On the course we set up games, matches, and benchmarks to help them understand the keys to scoring and course management. Our players fill out the SEG scoring system scorecards which then creates a practice plan for them based on their play, thus becoming more self-sufficient when they go off to play college golf.